Kimber micro 9 malfunctions

Kimber micro 9 malfunctions


This problem happens with all three mags. 15" Black Ss Kimber Mfg. 380 are well-known, but for 2016 they unleashed the Kimber Micro 9, which is chambered for 9mm as not everyone is a fan of the . Shop for Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. WINNER SELECTION: Two prizes shall be drawn and posted each week beginning Thursday, January 4rd, 2019 and every consecutive Monday for 52 weeks. 380 caliber. . The P938 SAS Micro-Compact has undergone a radical dehorning process resulting in an ultra smooth, snag free profile that's ideal for concealed carry. Made in USA.

Edges are smooth for concealed carry, and the beavertail protects large hands. I've got a micro 380 and have thinking about stepping up to the micro 9. No knock on Kimber (Note: Kimber now also offers the Micro 9 series, which are slightly larger Micros chambered in 9mm—ed. See more ideas about Guns, Handgun and Pistols. For people who are searching for Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. The Kimber Micro 9 Pistol is built by the Kimber Custom Shop and is in many ways similar to a miniature 1911 style pistol. My other Kimbers are older - Designed for 380 Auto ACP Kimber Micro Carry Model or Micro Carry 9 9mm Kimber Micro Carry Spartan G10 Grips. Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3.

Kimber Micro 9 Eclipse 9mm 3. I tend not to trust Kimbers, having had two that were unreliable. Scout Mount Vltor Weapon Systems. It looks as if they took a Kimber M1911 and put in the dryer on High to shrink it down. So I've had a few of the p938s and I for some reason fell in love with the Micro 9, so I bought one and put up the 938 for sale. Read Gun Tests Rating and Recommendation . I have just purchased a Kimber micro carry, after my son picked one up, and it is even better than my 238 was (one mans humble opinion). price.

They call it the EVO SP (Striker Pistol), which is available in two tone, CDP, TLE and Custom Shop variants. I suspect Kimber, fearing some customers might be careless enough to carry a loaded pistol loose in their pocket, made the trigger on the Micro 9 heavier. My Kimber came with a magazine. Find great deals on eBay for kimber 9mm magazine. I believe it to be my favorite were it not for the fact that i am more accurate with my XDM 45 They both have a special place in my safe. 06 Level III protection at 3. Buy Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. SKU: I have been carrying my new Kimber micro 9 for about 6 months and can’t believe how well it shoots and feels in my hand.

But when I reach for a pocket gun it’s still usually a LCP. The pistol comes well packaged in a black top-opening box. Do not oil cartridges and be sure t o . Kimber Micro 9mm Lasergrips 3. I now have 3 kimber . I actually ended up liking this gun quite a bit, and as a carry gun it has a lot going for it. Based on my research, I was expecting some malfunctions while we ran enough rounds through it to break it in. Built to be a smaller version of the classic 1911, Kimber’s Micro 9 Pistols are a great choice for the shooter with smaller hands.

Have you handled the Micro 9 and felt the trigger? " Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder. for cheap best price. Holding eight rounds, they use a round follower. Manufactured by Diamondback Firearms LLC, the DB9 is a polymer frame striker fired subcompact 9mm that was introduced to the market at the 2011 SHOT show. Buy It. Explore Jacob Smith's board "My Firearms" on Pinterest. At the top end of the model line: the Kimber Micro 9 Raptor, a companion to their 1911 Raptor model. 45's and a micro 9 and micro .

Kimber’s Micro 9, like the Colt Mustangs and Pocket Lites that came before it, look a lot like a mini-1911. Vic Brown: Interested in testing a new Micro 9? I have new "unfired" one and would be interested in how it looked in the eyes of a professional. Reply; Stuart December 26th, 2016 . Skip to main content. STORY: New for 2016 – Kimber Expands Its Micro Lineup—And Adds A 9mm!. Springfield’s XD series of pistols has been around since 2001, but the latest iteration, a 3. Very annoying. 15 in Barrel Matte Black Finish 7 Rds.

Free shipping and returns on "Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. WTS/WTT OR Kimber Micro 9 w/ Lots of extras Discussion in ' Zero malfunctions in 200 rounds. Seems the Micro 9 has some problems. It’s all about the finish. The gun performed well however I had a minor issue when shooting with Mike Cumpston’s November 2016 article on the Micro Carry . Like Kimber M1911’s, the Micro . It took forever to get it back, I think it was 4-5 weeks. those 3 out of the box without cleaning or lube all ran to 1050 rounds with ZERO failures It looks as if they took a Kimber M1911 and put in the dryer on High to shrink it down.

" Just a thought above that you should look into. I think I would've gone with the kimber just for the looks if I could do it again. General consensus has been 500 to 1,000 rounds. always wipe the A good rule of thumb is to replace your pistol’s SHOK-BUFF® every few hundred rounds or when it becomes swollen or torn. Accuracy was about equal. Her’s is the Sapphire and mine the Raptor. no malfunctions to speak of. If the Glock is not your cup of tea or you want a smaller gun, I would also think about the Shield Fixed my Kimber Super Carry Pro HD: My Kimber is new and immediately from the get go had issues with the bullet chambering completely before the slide caught it and jammed the pistol.

Here are the specifications for 5 my best subcompact concealed carry pistols in 9mm, for your consideration. 99 Performance has never looked so good. In the event Monday is a Federal Holiday, the drawing will be moved to the first day of business following the federal holiday. 15" Pistol w/ Night Sights 3300192 More Views Please Note: Many of our pictures are stock photos provided to us by the manufacturer and do not necessarily represent the actual item being purchased. 45 ACP caliber. Kimber Micro 9 Black 9mm 7rd 3. Kimber has launched a striker-fired subcompact 9mm of its own design, matched with all-metal construction. The Micro .

A Bad Report on a Member of the Kimber Family of Firearms. Both the Kimber-supplied magazines and several of my Colt factory magazines worked Kimber Aegis II 9mm, $1195. Kimber said, yes they don't understand what the variable is either but they cleaned it and are shipping it back to me. The definitive breaking news source for the modern shooter, featuring gun guides, videos and reviews on firearms, gear and personal defense. There are many subcompact 9mm handguns now for concealed carry. So it pains me to have to give a bad report about a member of the Kimber family, but my experience at the range with my sample Micro CDP . 45 230 grain full metal jacket ball ammo, with a cleaning and lubrication every hundred rounds. DeSantis has unveiled 11 holsters for the Kimber Micro Carry,.

Get Kimber Micro Manual. There are times when it might be a good thing to have a positive safety at work while you are clearing malfunctions. 380’s I’ve ever shot. kimberamerica. I have been carrying my new Kimber micro 9 for about 6 months and can’t believe how well it shoots and feels in my hand. (Click here to see all of Henson’s handgun reviews, handgun roundups and best-of articles. 380 has a thumb safety like the M1911’s, but lacks the grip safety of its big brother. NOTE I personally saw this student’s Kimber 1911 malfunction at least five times.

on the cheap price. 45 ACP, but also in 9 mm Luger. Where to purchase Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. Reviews : You finding where to buy Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. Have no complaints about the 380. My wife and I took her new Kimber Micro 9 to the range for the first time today. However, once I got it back, it was flawless. I will call in short term as Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3.

Some people are are interested to buy Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. Small enough for concealed Why was the Kimber Solo such a bad pistol? I recently acquired a Kimber micro 9 and so far it's not ammo sensitive and very reliable. Recreational shooters think that if they have one or two malfunctions during each box of ammo they shoot their gun is “reliable. We shot the guns at 5, 7, and 10 yards. This Micro 9 is the perfect carry piece. MILITARY GUN TRUNK I Bought Abandoned Storage Unit Locker Opening Mystery Boxes Storage Wars Auction - Duration: 24:32. This same description also fits the new Kimber Micro 9, although the Kimber has an even better level of fit and finish, and of course, the one big difference, it is a 9mm not a . But look at those specs, the Mustang’s overall length is 5.

If you use +P ammunition you may need to replace the spring more frequently to maintain proper function. Although this is not a specialised article about it, the basis stays the same - there are numerous options and the best place to find them is here. I love the aesthetics of the kimber more than the sig but apparently the sig has a slightly longer track record. The Ruger Security-9 has been upgraded for 2019, now available with a Hogue Beavertail HandALL grip option. After some testing Im pretty sure the ammo isnt the problem either. 380 lists the pull-weight at 8 pounds. Ambi and Non Ambi Grips Available Designed for Kimber Micro Carry 9 (9mm) OR 380 ACP Kimber Micro Carry Model ONLY G10 Material - Slash & Burn - CNC Machined for Quality - American Made Other colors available upon request **Please select the safety option that matches your pistol** Key Features: - American Made, Material G10; Strong and Durable, Visually Appealing & CNC Machined for Quality. 380 form factor and beefed it up a bit, creating their Micro 9 series.

3-inch XD-S 9mm in Flat Dark Earth (FDE), is perhaps the X-factor when it comes to compact carry handguns. The Ultra CDP II with a 3-inch barrel is available in 9 mm as well. I still pack my Glock 19. Great looks plus excellent point and shoot handling are the Aegis’ greatest strengths. i sense some sarcasm in the last post but dont know what it means as i'm no gun expert, just a gun lover i was just curious because its his first 1911 too (he's now an active duty marine working as a recruiter until oct when he goes to finish some training and then become more active duty) and we were just curious, neither of us thought much until I didn't have any of the same issues with my You may want to look at the Kimber Forum sight. Dale Bowl: My brother bought this gun and it malfunctioned even using 124 grain. I have 3 holsters for it, a CYA supply kydex ($30) a desantis nylon Part 3 - Kimber Micro 2. During this break in period, your gun may experience malfunctions, such as jams, failures to cycle, feed or eject, or other problems.

Kimber Micro 9 Trigger Spring Kit Consists of a Custom Designed Lighter Trigger Spring Kit for the:Kimber Micro 9 Hammer SpringKimber Micro 9 Firing Pin Spring The Kimber Micro 9 Trigger Spring Kit is one of the Best Kimber Micro 9 Accessories to improve your accuracy and tighten your pistol shot groups. One that can be easily carried in the pocket or inside (IWB) or outside (OWB) the waistband. C&G Arms LLC Warranty Disclaimer Warranty Thank you for your interest in the products and services of C&G Holsters. The emp in 40 or 9 is a more reliable gun, but a 45 I have recently started to carry a Kimber Micro 9 in place of my G42 (thanks to that nutty guy -JCN-, just above me. Buy the Kimber Micro 9 Stainless Semi-Auto Pistol and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. The BulletSafe Alpha Plate - Is an ultralight, Level III plate The BulletSafe Alpha Plate offers NIJ 0101. The Kimber Micro 9 TLE chambered in 9mm has a 3. Typing your keyword such as Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3.

I have not carried the gun. We can't and by we I mean, me, hubby, son, range officers, can't get 9 rounds through it without a malfunction but it goes to yonkers and they put 96 through it without a problem?? 16 magazines and we can't get 2 mags trough it. I got this gun for pocket carry, for those occasions when I can't carry my full-size 1911. Zero malfunctions with 20 rounds 124 grain Fed HST SD ammo (look at the Shooting the bull - Ammo Quest test on Fed HST 124). 380. High capacity is a plus in our view, but fit was not for everybody. As it has "passed",a call to Kimber was necessary in order to correct the sight issue. ) Diamondback DB9 9mm.

The downside to the Kimber M9's is the manual My wife and I both carry the Kimber Micro 9’s. Non-reflective anodized frame finish Stainless steel slide provides added resistance to the elements The Kimber® Micro™ 9 STG is right at the minimum size and weight for a semi-auto pistol chambered in 9mm, providing a slim, lightweight concealed carry gun chambered in a battle-proven cartridge. 15" barrel and comes with G10 grips and night sights. Cost about 835-850. I have personally trained on the 21 and experienced no malfunctions. Kimber Micro 9 Overall length - 6" Height - 4" Weight - 17. Today I was using HPR 100 gr and out of 30 rounds all but 5 had a malfunction of one kind or another. Use a standard 115 grain or so 9mm ball ammo for 9mm models.

I didnt even bother with it; its in the case my gun came with. Kimber Magazines For Sale Factory original Kimber magazines for sale are produced from high grade steel to deliver optimal reliability, performance, and durability. Kimber Micro 9 Holsters - All the holster models listed on this page are made to fit the Kimber Micro 9 9mm and most variants. Here is a range review for the Kimber micro using five types of ammo because some guys told me the Micro 9 was ammo finicky. A detailed review of the Kimber Micro 9mm for concealed carry, a very accurate, outstanding fit, finish and appearance. - Designed for 380 Auto ACP Kimber Micro Carry Model or Micro Carry 9 9mm Kimber Micro Carry Starburst G10 Grips. com Re: Kimber Micro carry or Sig P238 Well I stand corrected in this case, I do find it strange having so many issues with the 21 there are a large number of DOJ agencies carrying the 21. KIMBER MICRO 9 SAPPHIRE Description Description A stunning pistol with a number of performance-enhancing features, the Micro 9 Sapphire wears a brilliant bright blue PVD finish and intricately engraved scroll accents.

Kimber Micro 9mm in two tone rosewood. review. Scroll down to see all the holster models that we offer for this gun Not while it was in my own hands, within my eyesight or presence at a range, or from a personal contact customer of mine. I'm not saying it never happened. Their goal is to market the best ammunition in the industry. I agree that the kimber looks better then the p238. By mere chance, I'm carrying it as I type, since I went to the dental hygienist after work this evening, where I prefer something that prints less than my Glock 17. Reloading the Micro 9 was a chore.

Union Sportsmen’s Alliance, 235 Noah Drive, Ste. The 938 and Micro 9 are almost identical. 4. 5 oz Capacity - 6 + 1 Sights - 3 white dots Fieldstripping time - 1 minute, 5 seconds We put 100 rounds of Federal 115 grain hardball through each gun, (50 rounds each), with no malfunctions of any kind. The Kimber SIS Custom RL proved to be a gun with an effortlessly accurate shot. Shop with confidence. This was ok, at the time, as I was giving the pistol a truly good function test before I carry it on duty. Enter Me To Win My $1061 Kimber American Micro 9 Gun You Have A Chance To Win & There Is No Purchase Necessary! A stunning pistol with a number of performance enhancing features, the Micro 9 Sapphire wears a bright brilliant blue PVD Finish and intracetely engraved scroll accents.

Overall, Kimber is known for making good-looking guns, but the CDP takes that to a new level. An ideal choice for concealed carry, personal defense or general use, the Pro Carry II combines a 4-inch match grade carbon steel barrel with a full-length grip, giving i near-perfect balance. Kimber took the original Colt . The biggest downside to the micro 9 is that it has plain black sights unless you get the crimson trace laser. Not for repair, or malfunctions, feed issues, nada. 380 is a recoil-operated, locked-breach pistol, but it uses a bushingless guide-rod system rather than a recoil-spring guide. Their 3 best Glock 43,Walther PPS and the Taurus 709 slim. I do have the Glock 43, though, and it's been 100% reliable.

Later, though, I traded the Sig in for a Kimber Micro 9!!! Here’s why: The thumb safety had too much friction and was too difficult to turn to OFF consistently when drawing the gun (maybe 20% of the time), much more so than other guns of this type I have since tried, like the Kimber. I am not a huge fan of the . 45 ACP models weighing just 25 to 31 ounces are offered. Buy the Wilsons. Some people blame bad factory magazines, others just say its due to Kimber's tight tolerances, and once it loosens up a bit from firing, will go away. Final score: 90/100 One of the things I failed to mention in the video, and something that will actually need to be addressed on the gun itself "Today, if you do not want to disappoint, Check price before the Price Up. **Please select the safety option that matches your pistol** Pistol malfunctions can and will occur if grip safeties and gun Why is my Kimber having a failure to feed problem? model 1911 the s&w1911 3000 rounds no failure to feeds or ejects or any malfunctions. For more information, please visit the Kimber Magazines Homepage.

), as it is only slightly heavier than my G42 and otherwise very similar size wise. Always works. •Kimber Micro Carry Pistols 9mm • Kimber Micro 9 (Sig P239) • Beretta PX4 Storm Sub • Remington R51 • Walther PPS M2 • Ruger American Subcompact • Springfield Armory XD s • S&W M&P Shield • Glock 43 Buy Ar-15 Rifle Buffer Spring Luth-Ar Llc Nevertheless, I hope that reviews about it Ar-15 Rifle Buffer Spring Luth-Ar Llc will become useful. Time for the final review of the Kimber Pro Carry II in 9mm. 5 inches; it has a 2. Can't speak for the Micro-9, but I do have and occasionally carry the Kimber Micro-380. ) I obtained a Micro Crimson Carry (MCC) from Kimber, and my review of that gun follows. Not Colt, but Kimber from Yonkers in New York State is the undisputed world market Kimber Micro 9 Test Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by ThreeTango, Dec 28, 2016.

More and more people are applying for and getting their carry permits but most of those people do it so that in the event they wanted to carry, they could. Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. Since 1926, Magtech has manufactured its own components, bringing their customers full quality control over every stage of the manufacturing process as well as the final product. There have been 700 rounds fired through this gun. Kimber is a company known for quality and precision and after opening the box my initial impressions on the Micro 9 confirmed their reputation. 380 ACP is where the arguing really starts to heat up. While the item could possibly Guns and Ammo just did a test on the small single stack 9's check that out. Lots of people have had malfunctions of many different types.

The Kimber manual recommends shooting 400 to 500 rounds of . is best in online store. It is the best-value, ultralight, rifle-resistant plate on the market. Lightweight for easy concealed carry The easily concealed Micro 9 features mild recoil, smooth trigger pull and the intuitive operation of a 1911. I would never consider either one of them for carry. I have tried 4 different types of ammo, two reloads, two factory. - R Baker, CA : YOUR GUN WILL LOVE IT! Your new pistol is tightly fitted to very close tolerances to achieve maximum accuracy. 1911s can be finicky and sometimes FTE, FTF or other malfunctions.

And hope I am a section of helping you to get a greater product. Typing your keyword for example Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. Most shooters want a slim, very lightweight, small, accurate, reliable, and highly concealable gun to carry. 3-inch Springfield XD-S 9 in Flat Dark Earth might just be the unsung hero of concealed carry handguns. But they aren’t. Some issues with slide lock on the last round, I think because I was running cheap 115gr Federal Aluminum - probably not hot enough. The Micro Raptor . Kimber Magazines.

Para Ordnance Hawg 9 WHX129RR 9mm, $899. and to shoot your I've seen a lot of guys complaining about malfunctions, but when you look at their gun, it's dry as a powder keg. StonerCNC Kimber Micro Carry 9 9mm Spartan G10 Grips with or without Ambi **Please select the safety option that matches your pistol** Pistol malfunctions can and KIMBER 9mm MICRO 9 SAPPHIRE 3 Reviews Kimber Micro 9 TLE 9MM 3. Of all of these pistols, the micro 9 had to be sent back to Kimber because of very similar issues you are having. Just dont fool around. What The Hales 426,000 views I was also shooting my Kimber Micro-Carry which I picked up just after Christmas. Content: Kimber Micro 9 Kimber's Micro pistols in . This Micro 9 comes with a white-dot rear sight and a green fiber optic front sight that provide rapid sight acquisition in a variety of light.

Kimber’s 1911-style mouse gun marries a glassine Bel Air Blue™ frame to a mirror-polished slide, accented with ivory-colored Micarta grips. 380 has an ambidextrous thumb safety, but lacks the grip safety of its big brother. I shoot the Kimber M9 maybe even a little better than my G42 (which is REALLY saying something). I personally prefer smaller rounds with more powder and the 45 is pretty much the opposite of that. A single-action-only trigger, coupled with full-size SIGLITE Night Sights makes the P938 handle like a much larger pistol, yet is still easy to carry concealed. The light trigger allows a consistent press that doesn’t upset the easily aligned sights. After about 300 rounds down the pipe it isn't picky about ammo, I haven't had any malfunctions with it, fits great in a pocket holster and the day I came home with it I ordered two extended mags from MidwayUSA which arrived in a week. specifi cally disclaims responsibility for any injury or damage whatsoever occurring in connection with, or as a result of, the use in Kimber fi rearms of faulty, reloaded, hand-loaded, remanufactured or other non-standard ammunition, or of cartridges other than those for which the fi rearm was originally chambered.

Kimber Micro 9 9mm 8 Round OEM Pistol Magazine, Stainless - 1200529A. Mike Cumpston’s November 2016 article on the Micro Carry . Ambi and Non Ambi Grips Available Designed for Kimber Micro Carry 9 (9mm) OR 380 ACP Kimber Micro Carry Model ONLY G10 Material - Starburst - CNC Machined for Quality - American Made **Please select the safety option that matches your pistol** Key Features: - American Made, Material G10; Strong and Durable, Visually Appealing & CNC Machined for Quality. Online Wholesale" for you buy it today !. He took it to a gunsmith and he said the slide stop REVIEW: KIMBER Ultra Carry II with Crimson Trace Laser Grips Not everyone carries a gun. The simplest and one of the most useful part upgrade for your Kimber Solo Carry is a sight upgrade. BUT - as others have said - these micro guns need proper grip/wrist technique to prevent malfunctions. I keep mine lubed, use quality ammo and magazines.

Kimber Micro 9 Pistol Two-Tone 9mm in Kramer Leather OWB Leather Pancake Tested: Kimber's Micro Pistols. But so far so good, and I can see the Kimber Evo SP sticking around in my stable as a deep concealment gun. The Armory's selection of Kimber magazines for sale. If you searching to check on Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. Reviews : Best Price!! Those supplied with the Kimber TLE/RL II most closely resemble factory Colt Custom Delta Elite magazines. The trigger was a little grittier but it's exactly the same as the sig, so I polished it up and its nice now. GUN TESTS GRADE: A The laser grip complements the large sights on this micro pistol. This micro blaster emerges from the masters inside the Kimber Custom Shop, which explains its exceptional fit and finish.

I have seen a bunch of malfunctions on our indoor range with both of the guns you mention. Kimber Micro 9 Desert Tan (LG) 3300168 9mm Luger. . After a little research I found the Kimber recoil spring was the likely culprit. 3lbs and $299. We got a chance to try out this 1911-based compact pistol. Kimber recommends that you replace the recoil spring after every 1,000 rounds. 45 ACP load leaves Winchester's five-inch test barrel doing 985 fps, while developing an impressive 495 ft-lbs of muzzle energy.

These Wilson mags are the ones you want. I purchased a p938 but kind of wish I had purchased a kimber micro 9. See more ideas about Firearms, Guns and Military guns. Im using one 7 rnd standard Kimber Magazine and two 7 rnd wilson combat 1911 magazines. Chambered in 9mm, this handgun delivers extra power, which makes it perfect for concealed carry and home defense. Had this happen at least once or twice per mag over and over. If you seeking special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays. Kimber Micro 9 Eclipse pistosl have a striking brush-polished finish and special Custom Shop features, including 30 lines-per-inch front strap checkering and a Premium Aluminum Trigger.

Material G10; Strong and Durable - Visually Appealing - CNC Machined for Quality - Designed for 380 Auto ACP Kimber Micro Carry Model or Micro Carry 9 9mm Kimber Micro Carry Slash and Burn G10 Grips. 75" barrel ballistics Everyone has an opinion on the minimum caliber for effective self defense, and while most people will accept (if not prefer) 9mm para, the . Nifty, miniaturized M1911s chambered in 9 mm Luger, the Micro 9s fill a solid need in the company’s Fresh Prince and Beverly Hills Hillbillies be damned, Kimber’s Micro 9 variant was inspired by Chevrolet’s long-running Bel Air series of automobiles. On the little Micros, you can put the Five . ) the Micro 9 does not like light 9mm loads. After three range sessions I am already seeing some holster wear on the slide. Both were from the first two magazines I put thru it. Often, a crummy mag is the cause.

First let me say that the Micro CDP is a beautiful handgun. It is not as accurate as any of the several PP, PPK/S and PP and PPK clones I own, but once again it's more than adequate for self defense purposes and will still hold the X ring on a B-27 target at 10 yards. Sign Up. feels great in the hand, fantastic checkering i got a barebone version: no night sights, no rails, just plain jane. (For descriptions and photos of the other Micro Carry guns, scroll down below the Specs section. The Spartan grips provide a medium texture. Kimber 1911's Are Bad or: How I learned to stop buying Kimbers and love the 1911 submitted 5 years ago * by InfinityPlusInfinity I see so much on this and other gun forums where people hate on the 1911. Recoil springs are critical to the proper functioning of your Kimber Micro.

It isn't Kimber's first foray into subcompact 9mm pistols - the Kimber Solo is also available - but the Micro 9 takes the 1911-derived design and single-action Loaded with defensive ammo, the Pro Carry II 9mm would be appropriate for carry, or otherwise equally at home as a range gun. Out of 200 rounds that I have fired I had two malfunctions. Very tight and well made. I've found that 1911's like to be well lubed. Sorry to disappoint all you Kimber Solo haters but with my latest trip to the range I have now put exactly 300 rounds through this gun with zero failures or malfunctions of any kind. No issues. Federal HST 124gr +P Speer Gold Dot 124gr Remington Golden Saber 124gr Federal Hydra-Shok 147gr AND 50 rounds of WWB 115gr Bought the micro 9 from bass pro took it out to shoot it first shot the clip fell out Tried again and the clip falls out every time you shot it Called bass pro they said it wasn’t there problems had to call kimber. Sign up to create an account 9.

” After all, it doesn’t jam on every shot. I'm a little concerned after seeing all the other Kimber videos. I didn't have any malfunctions. Kimber makes the finest 1911 pistols manufactured today, and nowhere is quality more important than in a pistol carried for personal defense. Edit: my p938 is crazy accurate for a micro 9 and very comfortable so obviously Kimber Micro 9 Black 9mm 7rd 3. I am up to around 200 rounds fired and it is still malfunctioning badly. The Kimber Micro Carry has got to be one of the most delightful Sub-Compact . When a SHOK-BUFF® deforms after high round count or a repeated pounding of heavy caliber loads it will slow slide travel and your pistol’s slide operation will become sluggish, causing malfunctions.

40 S&W and it had this problem The Kimber Micro is also expensive, but mine has bene relentlessly reliable and feeds everything. Kimber Solo 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol--Updated with Video Link in 2003 I bought a Springfield Micro Compact 1911 chambered in . These loads run 100 % in all my other 9mm handguns. I recently purchased a Kimber Custom CDP 2, and in the package it came in there is a note that states " do not use grease to lube the gun" Do they really mean what they said ? or were they just kidding ? I just bought a whole tub of grease for my guns. The Ranger 230-grain SXT . In the couple of hundred that I've personally dealt with, I've never had to return a Kimber for any reason. With the KimPro Tac-Mag flexibility, you can make base changes to meet requirements quickly. If you trying to find special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays.

I’m gonna start running some Critical Duty and HST Micro thru it this weekend. Problems With My New Kimber Ultra Carry II. The 3. View our selection of laser sights and tactical lights for Sig Sauer pistols. Dec 28, 2016 #1 we had no malfunctions whatsoever, and no testing Kimber Micro 9mm Two-Tone Handgun SCHEELS. 200, Franklin, TN 37211. Remember, to also consider your personal preferences, features, etc. You will not regret if check price.

From my understanding after a year of being unable to stay caught up on Micro 9's they decided to pull the plug on the solo as it never sold in numbers like the Micro 9. I was shooting UMC brand 185 gain ball ammo which I have never had a problem with. Which brings us to this issue’s “Battle Royale,” where we’ll look at five of the newest subcompact 9mm pistols: the Kimber Micro 9 TLE, the KelTec PF-9, the SCCY CPX-2, the SIG Sauer P365 and the Walther PPS M2. For more information contact: Kimber, 1 Lawton Street, Dept CH, Yonkers, NY 10705; 800-880-2418; www. " price compare Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. You can order Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. Kimber Pro Carry II 1911 - 45 ACP. I've found it to be (so far) totally reliable.

380 requires that I pass my findings along. The starburst grips are certainly one of most visually stunning grip. What I've read is there is a 400-500 round "break-in" period where the gun will likely have some malfunctions. Buy Online keeping the vehicle safe transaction. No doubt it jammed more than that as I had almost 20 students to watch. Like other Micro 9's, the ESV has a steel slide and aluminum frame, and is an upscaled version of their Micro chambered in . Kimber has yet another star in its Pro Carry II line. Malfunctions included: Mike Cumpston’s November 2016 article on the Micro Carry .

When they introduced the Micro 9 they stopped production of the solos to get the Micro 9 to market in good numbers quickly. This Limited Warranty applies to physical goods, and only for physical goods, purchased from C&G Holsters What does this limited warranty cover? Winchester Ranger ammunition is loaded to pressure levels that are on the high end. Ads Immediately . Kimber is one of the best-known makers of M1911s, with a wide choice of different models. Slide Locks Back on Kimber with Ammunition Still in the Magazine Try shooting 200 grain SWC in the gun to see if the malfunctions go away. after check, compare the and check day for shipping. The SIS’s 39-ounce, unloaded weight helps subdue recoil, along with the aid of its beavertail grip safety. Apr 6, 2019- Explore Jeff Kahn's board "handguns" on Pinterest.

We have Kimber mags that offer a precise fit for full size and compact 1911 handguns. I have a Kimber Custom TLEII that functions 100% with over 1,200 rounds through it. The Kimber Micro CDP is a two-tone pocket pistol built generally in the classic 1911 pattern. 15" barrel 7 Rnds - $599. Each cartridge is assembled using the highest quality components for absolute reliability. Apr 20, 2016. I have a kimber micro that I bought a couple months ago. SimPle answer it's a kimber.

) The Details Malfunctions, Stoppages and Remedial Actions for the M1911-A1. The new Kimber Micro 9 ESV is one of the latest additions to Kimber's Micro 9 line of pistols. i really enjoy my sig 1911 match elite. If you are searching for read reviews Micro 9 Tle 9mm 3. One can get away with limp-wristing a full-sized 1911 at times but not with the little ones. Inside is a soft nylon case with room for a spare mag or two. Never have had a issue and both are the most accurate pistols I have ever shot. This item is extremely nice product.

Even though a Wilson Combat pistol has been thoroughly tested by a professional test shooter with almost 100 rounds of our custom loaded ammunition, it will still require a thorough break-in to achieve reliable function across a broad spectrum of shooters and ammunition. It isn't Kimber's first foray into subcompact 9mm pistols - the Kimber Solo is also available - but the Micro 9 takes the 1911-derived design and single-action Kimber Micro 9 Kimber's Micro pistols in . Failures-to-fire on the Solo, failures-to-extract on the Sig. Get all Kimber manuals! ManualShelf. The Micro 9 feels solid: there are no rattles to be heard, no machining marks By: Ben Findley Kimber Micro 9 Pistol: Subcompact So, what specific criteria do you use to select your carry gun? I have reviewed many subcompacts concealed carry (CC) guns in depth in the past few months, including several on this website. Kimber . The Kimber Tactical Pro II is the only semi-automatic pistol in Kimber’s Tactical II series that is not only available in . Summary: Jed Henson’s review of and rating for the Heckler & Koch VP9 pistol, including a description, range report, photos, pricing, specs and user ratings.

We have more details about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. Slick and snag free, Kimber’s first-class checkering added grip where it counted. Fired different kinds of A Brief Comparison, Kimber Micro 9 and Glock 43 - posted in Gear: My wife and I went to the range yesterday to shoot my new Kimber Micro 9, and compare it to my Glock 43. I'm sure when you get it back, it will be working like you expect. Well I finally decided on a Kimber 1911, and am going to pick it up later this week. 75-inch barrel, and weighs less than a pound in carry weight. Will always be my favorite and go to gun 24/7 with Hornaday Critical Defense. I cant wait to test drive a Micro 9 and see if it is what I wanted the 938 to be.

The Kimber Micro 9 was just released last year (2016) and caught my eye for the first time when I was considering purchasing a bigger 1911. and I guess they videoed all of it, noted all and any stoppages and malfunctions that happened, so you can also watch it. Springfield Armory Loaded Micro-Compact 1911-A1 Slide Locks Back on Kimber with Ammunition Finally, the 9mm’s smaller size makes it a practical choice for full-power compact and subcompact pistols. I also had a few times when chambering the first Round with slide release it won't go into battery fully. 15" Barrel OWB Shield Holster R/H . The DB9 design looks to be based somewhat on the popular Diamondback DB380 that was released in 2009. Conditional Buy. It always hit about 4 to 5 inches low at 25 yards.

Over the years, they’ve proven themselves to be very reliable, as they were while testing the Kimber. Grips has been dehorned on top and bottom edges. kimber micro 9 malfunctions

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